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Price Guidance

Hi All,

The most popular questions we tend to get asked is around the price of a tattoo, so I thought I’d put together a little guide to help out.

We charge £70per hour,

We charge by the hour rate if you are booking in for a time scaled sitting, for example, if you are getting a sleeve and you are wanting to do 2hours at a time, we would charge £140 for that sitting.

However, if you are getting a one of piece we quote for the piece, we do this because we cannot guarantee it will be done in a certain time scale and we do not want you expecting a certain price when at the end it may be different, not only this the quote takes into consideration the depth and design of the piece, some require minimal pre-work and some require hours. Please use £70 per hour as a guide line however

We have a minimum charge of £40, so if you are looking for a name tattoo or something small along these lines you are often looking at a figure around this.

Our consultations are free of charge, however artists will not start working on a design until a deposit has been put down.

I hope this helps clear up how our prices work here.

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