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Summer Ink!!

If you are planning on getting tattooed for summer, NOW is the time to start thinking about

turning YOUR plan into ACTION!


The sun gives off U.V (ultraviolet) radiation, and it’s this UV which causes us to get a tan in the summer months


For a new tattoo, U.V is one of the biggest problems.

Have you ever noticed how anything you leave in the sun for a while starts to fade? Well the same as true for a tattoo, and if it’s a new tattoo, this effect is magnified greatly. After getting you new tattoo, your skin has been damaged, and it’ll take up to three months for a new layer of protective skin to cover the area fully. After the first 2 weeks this process has already started, and it’s often suggested that you wait at least this long before your tattoo sees prolonged sun exposure, and even then, it’s recommended that you wear at least SPF 30 sun tan lotion on the tattoo itself.

Bare this is mind to ensure YOU have the best summer ink possible!

We have some availability left from the middle of May on wards but it is filling up fast!

We have a minimum charge of £40 for small tattoos such as a name on a wrist or a small symbol etc,
otherwise our hourly rate is £70, our half a day sitting is £240 and our full day sitting is £350!

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